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This is How to Fill a Jigsaw Puzzle Like an Expert

One of the best ways of whiling away your free time is by filling jigsaw puzzles.It is a good way of sharpening your reasoning skills as well as bonding with your family members if you allow them to participate.The disadvantage, however, is the energy expended in sorting and filling it which makes some people avoid it altogether.It actually wasn’t meant to be so.You can easily learn it and become skilled even to the point of participating in competitions.Here are tips to help you in this regard.

Select the Right Puzzle for Yourself
The correct choice of a puzzle will guarantee enjoyment while filling it.If you know that you haven’t mastered this art, you would rather choose small puzzles with simple pictures firsts. Your morale will receive a boost once you complete it and move to more advanced pieces.

Set Up Your Puzzle Well
Set up your puzzle involves opening the box and spreading out the pieces on a flat surface like a table or a mat on the floor.Make sure that you space that is sufficient to hold all the pieces. Upturn all the puzzle pieces.Identifying the pieces will be easier if you do this.
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Categorize the Pieces
Sort the pieces into various groups depending on their shape, color and pattern.Ensure that the interior pieces are in groups of the same color and shape while the edge pieces are put together.
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Begin Assembly of the Pieces
When you are ready to begin, deal with the edge pieces first.Proceed inwards after placing the edge pieces. The puzzle may contain large regions of the same color. Fill in these ones as you observe the shape and pattern.The pieces usually have knobs and blanks.Adjacent puzzle pieces are meant to fit together perfectly without using force on them due to the presence of knobs and holes.

Finish Up
You can work more easily on filling the rest of the pieces once you learn to recognize patterns of knobs and holes.Always use the picture provided on the box to reorient yourself as you keep filling.

Avoid disrupting the shape of the entire puzzle by ensuring that the provided frame always stays in its place.In case you are filling the puzzle with another family member, place it in a central location so that they have access as well when they are filling with you.

These guidelines, if properly followed, will enable you to horn your skills in puzzle filling, thereby enable you to enjoy it more.

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