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Safety is of utmost importance whenever you travel in a vehicle. Consequently, every car producer is willing to include more security functions within their vehicles. Although they’re not highly sophisticated items seatbelts are of extreme essential whenever a vehicle involves a crash. Whenever a vehicle hits a stationary object at a speed of 30 mph, the passenger inside the vehicle is thrown forward at a force which is approximately 30 times his body weight. The seatbelts are designed in a way that they distribute this weight evenly so that there is a minimal injury.

Air bags are the next most important safety precaution that can minimize injuries to individuals during a car accident. Initially, the seat belts’ sole purpose was to provide protection from front impact. But later, they are made to provide safety from side effects. In the modern cars, we have airbags for the knees and the curtain airbags. A combination of these airbags can provide some degree of safety and minimize injury in case of a crash. Therefore, modern vehicles use them as their standard security functions.

There are initiatives to utilize air bags to provide safety to cars also. Currently, experiments are underway to try to find out the possibility of installing air bags around the undercarriage of automobiles. When you are driving at high speed and you try to stop your car abruptly, the air bags in the undercarriage will expand and come into contact with the ground so that the vehicle stops within a shorter distance. Since these air bags have high friction surfaces, they can supply resistance and assist cars to come to a halt once airbags touch road surfaces.

When a car is in motion, and you apply breaks, it will tend lean forward. This forward movement is quite uncomfortable to car occupants, and the latest innovation on air bags can be applied to minimize this effect. These airbags can support the vehicle at a greater angle when it abruptly comes to a stop. When you make sudden stops, passengers will be at ease due to the functions of air bags. Although this attribute is still in its initial stages of development, we should expect it so soon and especially in the 2017 car releases.

When all these attributes are incorporated in a car, drivers and the passenger will enjoy a much safer environment while traveling in a car. With many other security precautions to protect the other road-users from vehicles, the roads will be safer places with time to come. Nevertheless, these new functions might make cars more expensive. You should, therefore, expect cars with high technological features at high costs in 2017 cars release.