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Components Of The Men’s Belt

The men’s belt is a strap of heavy fabric or leather that is normally worn around the waist area so as to hold the trouser or short. This makes it a very important piece of attire for men. This special piece of attire has buttoned holes that allow someone to easily adjust into a size that comfortably fits him. Belts can also be used for aesthetic purposes. For example, cowboys wear belts with specially designed turnbuckles so as to pass around a given statement.

Being a very crucial wear, it is made up of a number of parts. One of these parts is the belt strap. The belt strap is made using leather or hardened cloth. This strap also happens to be elongated in nature. This belt strap has the ability of capacity of running around a person’s waistline.

The belt strap can be altered in both shape and size depending on an individual’s tastes and preferences. In addition to the above, the strap is flexible enough to assume the shape of a person’s waistline. Belts are made in different colors so that they can be able to easily blend in with different sets of attire.
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Turnbuckles are another essential part in the male belt system. It is also referred to as the stretching screw, a component that is used to fasten the belt strap in place. It does this by being harnessed in holes that have been bored open along the length of the strap.

Moreover, there are turnbuckles that automatically hold the belt strap in position whenever they are closed. Of dire importance to note is that turnbuckles also vary in different shape sand sizes. Moreover, they are created using different materials so as to suit varying audiences. For elite customers, the turnbuckles might be engraved differently so as to improve on their aesthetic appeal.
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The tongue is the final part that makes a belt system complete. The tongue is an elaborate part of the belt system that prevents the belt strap from swaying back and forth. Due to the above, the belt strap stays in place. In addition to this, the tongue also helps direct the belt strap to directly fall in place under the turnbuckle.

Each and every part on the belt works hand in hand. No single part can function independently of another. In absence of either, then the belt is decommissioned.

This thus makes the belt be a very critical part of any man’s wardrobe since it helps create a given fashion statement and also aids in maintaining a certain level of decency.