The Dangers Associated With Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is not something to joke around with. It’s a bad epidemic in the world today and it has got to come to an abrupt end. The leading death toll in the world today is due to careless driving.

Why risk your life over a text message, when it’s just as easy to pull over and send your message the safe way! The law is set in place for safety measures. It is because of your safety that distracted driving is not permitted. Now days, if it is important to speak with someone on the phone while you are driving- use Bluetooth. Even then you have to look down to accept the call and that minute you take your eyes off the road, something bad could happen.

What Causes Distracted Driving:

  •   Using a mobile device to talk
  •   Using a mobile device to text
  •   Taking pictures of selfies
  •   Eating food
  •   Doing your makeup
  •   Doing your hair
  •   Changing
  •   Using your mobile device for the internet
  •   Changing the music
  •   Reading
  •   GPS
  •   Cleaning your vehicle

All these causes can be prevented and it’s up to you to help put an end to it. This is a huge epidemic all around the world and in the USA alone; around 9 people die each day, due to distracted driving. If you put the puzzle piece together that’s approximately: 3285 people who die each year due to distracted driving. Just think if you were to pull over and call your friend or text your friend or pull over to eat your food and change your GPS coordinates. This would prevent all those people from dying. The really sad thing about this situation is that, you might not be one of the people committing the crimes, but you might suffer the consequences if someone ends up hitting you who was texting. That’s why it’s important to educate other drivers on this important issue and make sure everyone you know does not drive distracted.

Distracted Driving Can Make You Spend More Money:

If you get caught driving while you are distracted, there are big fines. Distracted driving will cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars and maybe your life. If you end up getting a ticket for distracted driving, you not only have to pay the fine but your insurance will go up and you could end up getting your license taken away if you do not learn. Why take the risk when you can set out a couple more minutes of your life to complete whatever it is you need to complete before you get in the driver’s side.

It’s important to educate your children if they want to get their license. Not only educate them on the importance of pulling over if they need to send that text message, but also to not get into a motorized vehicle with people who are distracted drivers. Educate them on the repercussions and show them a few videos on YouTube if you need to. Do whatever you have to do to get the point across. Their life is precious and we want to end distracted driving once and for all.