Places in Bali is Mandatory to Visit

After working for a few months, as an employee you should take a moment to traveled with family. When planning a vacation, the first thing Attraction question is what will you visit. When you want go to bali, you can use the services of airlines that you can see at bali airport.
The following are the places you can visit while in Bali,
Bali Bird Park (Gianyar)
If you invite children to participate in the holiday to Bali, Taman Burung Bali Bird Park or shall enter into the list of sites you will visit. Bali Bird Park is located in Singapadu, Gianyar; with a distance of 26.4 km from the airport Ngurah Rai. The time you need to get to where it is approximately 45 minutes.
There are about 1000 birds in 250 species from Indonesia, Africa and South America as well as the 2000 kinds of tropical plants can enrich the knowledge of children about the world of animals and plants.
In addition to seeing birds and tropical vegetation, see the process of breeding birds from the egg and the process of feeding and take pictures with the birds is an enjoyable experience for you and your family.
Monkey Forest (Gianyar)
Monkey Forest, tourist attractions if it was? Perhaps you can guess from the name alone, the sites related to apes. This is indeed a jungle ape or Wenara Wana; Foreign tourists are more familiar with the title Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.
From the airport, you can reach this place after traveling about 1 hour and 18 minutes. With an area of ​​10 hectares, Monkey Forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys (about 600 animals) and there is one that adds to the sanctity of Pura Dalem these sights. See ape behavior, feeding the monkeys were photographed with them will be fun activities for you and your family.
However, you must always be vigilant because some monkey likes to take things that interest them, such as goggles, headsets, hand fan, hair clips and other accessories are striking. If you feel afraid, ask local officials to assist.
Puri Ubud (Gianyar)
Besides Monkey Forest, Ubud region is also famous for its art and culture are so thick. On the way to Ubud, terraced rice fields will soothe your eyes. Art and culture are the main breath population in the region.
If you want to see the culture and art of Bali in person, you are obliged to pay a visit to Puri Ubud. As the center of Ubud royal government as well as the center of art, culture and customs, arts performances such as dance barong dance, Kecak dance and other dances staged in Puri Ubud.
If you want to stay, you do not have to worry as much of the population provides a guest house for travelers who want to stay around Ubud. Restaurants and artshop also have proliferated, making it easier to shop for food or exotic works of artists Ubud.
More than 2,000 species of plants from the mountainous region of eastern Indonesia preserved in the Botanical Gardens Bedugul. Not surprisingly, this botanical garden will be very suitable for those who want to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and close to nature.