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Getting Yourself on the Road after College

You may have just completed your college education, and that means that you are now a grown up and ready for life. As much as you are a grown up, it does not mean that now you can face all the challenges of life including meeting various expenses and responsibilities, but you deserve more freedom and independence. You might have several things on your mind, but you will have to think about getting a car to facilitate your movement which is important. By having a vehicle to drive after your college education, you attain mobility to move to anywhere that you wish and you do not have to scramble for space in public transport, and you can move to any part of the country to visit your friends. The challenge that you would face in purchasing your first car would be money because you may lack a stable source of income. This achievable if you have a well-paying part time occupation or if your parents are well off and can afford to assist you in purchasing a car. Here are some considerations that you need to make before you get on the road.

Purchasing a car – You need to acquire a car to drive. Purchasing a new car would be costly, and perhaps you may not have the money that is required so, you will have to think about purchasing used cars which are quite affordable. Your first car must not have a lot of sophistication, and it should be easy to maintain. Get a car that uses little energy to move long distances thus economical to you. However, if you need an expensive and elegant vehicle, you can decide to source for financing. The source of financing that you choose must be favorable so that you do not struggle to pay the monthly installments. You can also resort to borrowing from parents and close relatives who may have lenient terms of payment as they understand your financial position.

Utilize a family member’s car – In case your family has an extra car that is occasionally used, you can you can request for its use as long as they are comfortable with your idea of driving. This is the best option for a broke student who cannot borrow funds to purchase a vehicle but have parents who can lend out one of their cars. With this option, you can forget about purchasing a car for the moment, and you will enjoy the drive as you get the chance to improve your driving skills. However, you must be ready to meet the maintenance costs as fuel cost and insurance. As you enjoy this benefit, ensure that you save adequately to purchase your car.

Insurance policy – You must have an insurance policy when you are on the road. It might be quite expensive, but you can get added to your parents’ policy.

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