Month: April 2019

What do You Need Basically to Rent a Car?

If you are a United States citizen or may coming from different country to US and you are looking for a car to rent, then you should know some basic things. There are some term and condition of car rental companies to provide you their service. You must be thinking “what do I need to rent a car“? Okay, we are here to help you for that. See the basic things every car rental company in US required to provide car rental service.

In order to hire a car from Car Rental Company in US all drivers should have these requirements:

  • Minimum Age Requirement
  • Having a Valid Driving License
  • Acceptable Mode of Payment

Minimum Age Requirement

The minimum age to rent a car in US varies up to the hiring company you choose and the state you are in. As the general age to rent a car is 25 years old, an extra rental fee can be applied on you if you are person aged between 21 to 24 years. The average cost of underage fee is $20, but it also varies.

But not all the company charges this money to the young drivers. Look for it and you will find car Rental Company like Car Rental Express offer you to rent a car at young age without applying any extra fees.

Having a Valid Driving License

People who lives in US territories have to present a valid unexpired government issued driving license. The issued license will be valid for your entire trip.

The customers, who are not United States citizen, have to provide their own countries driving license. But this opportunity is available for limited English speaking countries. The citizen of the other countries will have to show International Driving Permit (IDP).

You should note also that the photo copies of Driving License are not acceptable. Learner permits are not accepted to the car rental companies.

Acceptable Mode of Payment

You should know the payment methods to rent a car in United States.  Let’s look at them.

Credit Card

The most conventional way of transaction in renting a car is using a credit card. It is the most acceptable way too. Because many car renting companies do not allow debit card or cash payment method. You can use your credit card at Airport and Off-Airport location to rent car throughout various states of US.

Debit card

Many customers do not prefer to pay the renting car fare using credit card. Well, one can pay the amount through debit card in US. But most of the car renting company asks for a security deposit in case you are paying with debit card. A few companies do not ask for deposit even you are renting a car with debit card. So read careful the terms and conditions of the payment mode while using debit card.

Renting Car with Cash

A lot of enterprise allow their customer car renting. Like debit card in cash card renting you may have to deposit money. Car rental Express is an enterprise allows their customer to rent car by cash without any deposit amount.

So these are the basic requirements when you are renting a car in United States.