Month: February 2019

The Benefits of Having a Dash Cam on Your HGV


Do you have a dash cam on your heavy good vehicle or HGV? If so, great for you, but if you are yet to have one, then you’re missing a feature that could benefit you a lot.

Installing a dashcam on your vehicle can be the single most crucial investment in your safety as well as your career future.

Dash cameras have managed to record some many accidents footage around the globe, but almost always in the form of lorry, van or other commercial vehicle incidents. At times, the footage shows that the driver was unsafe, but the recordings have ideally been used to show that HGV drivers were not at fault, thus clearing their names and saving their careers. In fact, Cobra UK, a security solutions provider has asked the government to legislate the use of dash cams in commercial vehicles in order to reduce crash for cash scams. And even though the legislation is yet to happen, there are several other reasons why you should get a dash cam for your HGV.

Evidence For Insurance

Dash cams are particularly useful in regards to determining liability with insurance providers. Most cases often depend on eye-witness testimony, which is usually hard to tell whether it’s the truth and usually misses vital details. However, dash cams provide factual evidence that helps know who is at fault. Dash cam footage is an excellent way to help avoid lengthy disputes and ascertain that you are not held liable for accidents that you did not cause.  Drivers can find out more information about this and questions such as Can I renew my LGV licence after it has expired? on HGV and driving websites.

Protection From Crash for Cash Fraud

Crash for Cash scams insurance policies has been on the rise in the past several years. It is usually hard, if not impossible for drivers to protect themselves from such scams unless of course, you have a dash cam. If you have never heard of crash for cash scams, then allow us to enlighten you. An individual with the intention to scam will often pull in front of a fast moving car and then do something intentionally, such as braking when there’s no need or slowing their vehicle down to a stop without triggering brake lights. If it goes according to plan, the driver behind will crash into them, and it will be deemed to be their fault. However, with a dash cam, it can be easy to prove that you did not cause the accident deliberately and prove that the other driver was the one at fault.

Cheaper Insurance Premiums

Running a single or a fleet of HGVs can be expensive in terms of insurance. It is even more expensive if you have just acquired your driving license or have recently been a victim of a crash for cash scam. Fortunately, insurance providers are starting to realize how dash cameras ease their jobs, closing disputes faster and making those blurry eye witness testimonies a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, insurance companies nowadays like dash cameras so much that they are offering discounts for drivers and companies that install them on their vehicles. So, dash cams are not only an excellent way to protect yourself, but you get to save a substantial amount on insurance premiums.

They Help Create a Record of Driver Behavior

If you own a fleet of heavy goods vehicles, then this can be a benefit that you can truly enjoy. For your drivers, however, it might not be so intriguing as they have to drive knowing that their driving behaviour is being monitored. For the independent driver, this is something that does not really have an impact. For a fleet manager, however, installing dash cams enables you to easily monitor the driving behaviour of your drivers. It can also work great with your other telemetrics to help ascertain that your drivers are responsible on the road and that your company is properly represented.

Lastly, the price of installing dash cams, compared to benefits they offer is meagre. So, you may want to consider installing one today.…