What to Pay Attention to When Renting a Car

Renting a car used to be a relatively simple affair where you chose the car you wanted, paid the price, and away you went.

However, as cars became more advanced and complementary devices grew, the process became a little more difficult.

If you’re looking to rent a car or truck, here are some questions to ask.

What Happens If I Don’t Fill up the Tank Before I Return It?

The first thing that the car rental lot will do it take it to the gas station and fill it. However, it won’t be charged at the rate of the pump. Instead, it will be a rate set by your rental contract, likely to be around three times the pump rate.

What If Somebody Hits Me, and It’s 100% Not My Fault?

In the event that you are at fault, the rental car company will hold the insurance premium amount on your credit card until the matter or fault has been resolved. Unlike your own insurance premium, however, you are not able to have any contact with the agency or check on the progress.

Will I Get Charged for Driving Too Far?

This one is particularly important for truck rentals. If you are using the Groupon Coupons page for Alamo, then you are likely getting unlimited miles. However, anywhere else and there will be a limit on how far you can drive before you have to pay per mile. Similar to the rate charged to fill up your tank, don’t expect this rate to be cheap.

If a Rock Hits the Windshield, Do I Have to Pay?

Unless you’ve asked the question before you took the keys and added extra coverage, the answer is going to be yes. And the replacement isn’t going to be a cost-effective one.

Hiring a car isn’t impossible; people do it every day. And realistically, an accident isn’t highly likely. However, it always pays to be prepared. When hiring a car, preparation comes in the form of additional extras.

Pay attention to your contract and always ask about what extras the hire company offers to give you a better understanding of what you might need to be covered for.