What Happens When All Your Friends Are Getting Married And You’re Still Single

In fact, it’s quite an issue among people aged between 20 and 30 all over the planet. Some get married right after graduating from college, others do not bother with marriage even in their late 20-s and continue living the life they got used to. However, as the practice shows, lots of those who remain single up to the moment all their friends get families, often start hating things all of a sudden. The dating sites like maturedating-online help a bit, yet people still tend to shrink into themselves due to emerging complexes.

You may suddenly start hating ‘hand pictures’

So, you were going down the street, saw a couple walking hand in hand and instinctively turned your head in the other direction… Yes, that’s quite a common gesture for all the singles. You find it impossible to watch other people’s happiness, knowing that your own life isn’t settled yet. We don’t blame you.

You’ll find yourself avoiding family and children topics

There’s another tendency among single people – to avoid all the topics related to family and children. Such kind of awareness often leads to developing fears of communication and meeting people in general. As a result, such individuals start looking for a company of other singles, thus, trying to guard themselves against all who are married.

There’s a good chance you’ll start drinking more

In your attempts to eliminate the depression, you may just get used to drinking more. There’ll always be a bottle of wine or bourbon waiting for you as you get home. Your face will become one of the most commonly seen in all the local bars. And even cops may happen to give you warnings.

You’ll start feeling like a grown up child

Naturally, all the single individuals that have reached the age of 30 are automatically viewed as the grown up children by the majority of family people. And the singles know that very well. In fact, the more they think about it, the more they start feeling the same way too. A careless behavior usually comes as the primary proof of this statement.

You may wish to move to another place

As your concerns continue torturing you day by day, you’ll find it impossible to meet people you’ve known since childhood and who come with a different status now. Thoughts about moving to another place will start to seem quite appealing to you. The need to hide away from all the questions and mocking eyes will make you like the idea even more. And once you find it all unbearable, you’ll finally move.

So, this is how it is when you are single but want to be in a relationship. But there are those who are more comfortable being alone, so you may want to borrow a page from their book. Or try dating online, it’s a nice option as well.