Tips for Buying Your First Car

You wait and wait, dreaming and planning, and finally the day comes: you’ve got your license. Not only does it signify your first step into adulthood, but access to much freedom. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision when buying your first car.

  1. Finances

Not many teenagers have a lot of money, so you want to make sure your money is properly used. Determine your budget before visiting car lots and personal ads. Do not let yourself get swept up in the excitement of the occasion.

If you do not have enough money to pay for the car in full, you may need to apply for a loan. Exploring this option, and getting pre-approved, prior to shopping will give you a bigger bargaining chip.

  1. Research

There is a good chance you will already know what type of car you want to buy. Make sure to do appropriate research – condition of car, registration costs, local laws and regulations, registered miles, etc. By knowing these costs and familiarising yourself with all things automotive, you are less likely to be taken advantage of. The majority of this information can be found on a multitude of comparison and review sites for cars.

  1. Professional Advice

All it takes is watching one episode of Judge Judy to learn the importance of receiving professional automotive advice before exchanging any money. Especially if you are purchasing your car from a private seller, getting a mechanic to examine the car could end up saving you thousands of dollars. If you or the seller are unsure about who then pays for the mechanic, work out a deal such as the cost of the mechanic comes off the car’s price.

If money is tight, even getting a trusted friend or family member’s opinion may be beneficial.

  1. Test Drive

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people purchase a car without driving it themselves. Not only will taking the car for a test drive let you get accustomed to the feel of the drive, but you are more likely to pick up on problems.

  1. Previous Information

Thankfully, most things to do with cars leave a paper trail. These days, with the internet, you can – and should – check there are no outstanding finances on the car, that it hasn’t been stolen, and that the odometer hasn’t been tampered with.

  1. Receipt

Whether you are buying a candy bar or a car, you should always get a receipt. A bill of sale can be anything from a scribbled and signed note to a document filled with legalese. What matters is that the deal is in writing.

  1. Insurance

You’ve finally got your first car. Don’t forget to get insurance. Companies such as Milton Insurance Brokers will help you find the right insurance package, and lead you through any claims you may need to make.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you can enjoy your hard-earned freedom.