Three Things You Should Keep in Your Car This Summer

Having a collection of extra equipment and ‘just in case’ backups is an important safety net when you own your car. Carrying things like towels, cat litter, and a flashlight can help if you’re caught out in a storm.

But summer has a few unique concerns of its own. Here are three spares you should always have on hand: 

A Spare Tire 

You should always carry a spare tire. But sometimes you must take them out of the trunk to make extra space. Or you’ve been meaning to replace the spare tire you used a few months ago. These things happen, but it’s important to make sure you put a functional tire back in place as soon as possible this summer. One of the first car maintenance tasks most drivers learn is how to change a flat tire. While a flat tire might not be the first thing to go wrong, with your first car, no one avoids a flat tire for long. But there are four things you need to know before your next one:

Every car is slightly different. Just because you knew how to change a tire on your old sedan doesn’t mean you have the procedure locked down for your new truck. The bigger or newer your car is, the more difficult the task can be. So, do test run to make sure you know where to align the jack and to be sure you have the tools you need for something like a mitsubishi outlander for sale charleston sc. Hot summer temperatures make the air in your tire expand and they’re more likely to blow out. If you’re traveling this summer, you’re also going to put more miles on those tires faster. Having a spare also means you won’t be stranded in a new area by yourself.

A Spare Set of Sunglasses

Glare is a year-long problem for every driver. But it can be even more dangerous in the summer. East-west roads will have longer exposure to the rising and setting sun, which means you can’t rely on your roof or your car’s visor to keep the road visible. Always keep a spare set of sunglasses in your car in case your usual pair is damaged or lost. 

A Spare Bottle of Water 

Scientists are finding more and more reasons to not drink bottled water that’s been left outside. But you still need a spare bottle or two in your car. It can substitute for coolant in a pinch, which stops your car’s engine from overheating. If you have a bottle or two in the back of your car, you can add enough to the radiator to 

Does the Jack Really Work? 

Heavier cars need better jacks. Even more importantly, taller cars need taller jacks. The last thing you need is to get out on the side of the road, position your jack, and lift up the car as high as the tool allows, only for the tire to not clear the ground. 

Can You Rely on Your Current Spare? 

Nobody thinks about their spare tire until they need it, but that can be dangerous. Always know the condition of your spare, and get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible after you use it. If you share your car with other people, carry around a spare tire patch kit.