How to Satisfy Wife in Bed with Hammer of Thor When Intimate

In society in general people assume that the wife must satisfy the husband in bed, whereas in principle men and women have the same expectation in the affairs of sex, that is both want satisfaction when in touch. So satisfying the wife in bed is also the obligation of the husband. For that you can use the pills hammer of thor for your wife was satisfied, and have sex even more romantic. You can get those pills through Hammer of Thor website.
Unfortunately than men, women are sometimes more difficult to be satisfied especially if the husband does not understand how to satisfy the wife during lovemaking. Though good sex is if both partners enjoy it together and feel satisfied.
On the other hand sometimes the main problem women can not be satisfied comes from the woman herself. Many women who do not know him, do not know what is good for themselves, or what is needed by his body to be quickly aroused. This causes the husband difficulty exploring the wife’s body.
Though orgasm is a responsibility alone. Women are responsible for her orgasms, as well as men, responsible for her own orgasms. If a woman is difficult to get an orgasm then most likely the cause comes from the woman herself.
How did that happen? In medical terms is known a term frigid for women who do not like sexuality or can not enjoy sex with her husband so it can not be satisfied during sex. No matter how the business is done if the woman is already experiencing frigid it is certain he will not be able to feel satisfied while making love.

Sex does not need long, one of the parameters to measure time to have sex is orgasm wife. If he has reached his orgasm, it is a sign that the husband should follow and finish the game immediately.
How to Satisfy Wife (Woman) in Bed
But how to satisfy the wife in bed? How to get your wife to orgasm is what every man should know.
Below are some tips on how to satisfy the wife in bed during sex. As long as the wife does not experience frigid sex problems, the husband can certainly satisfy her. Let’s discuss them one by one.
1. To satisfy the wife should not be too trying to make orgasm
Although men and women both want satisfaction but their perspective is different in terms of orgasm. For men sexual satisfaction means orgasm and ejaculation, but for women sexual satisfaction is not only orgasm. For women, sex itself is much more fun than orgasm.
2. Know the sensitive part of the wife’s body
As said before, orgasm is the responsibility of each, therefore a wife must know which parts of her body are sensitive and easily aroused. Afterwards the wife needs to communicate to her husband how she wants to be treated.
3. Do not forget foreplay
Men, do not focus on yourself. In order to enjoy sex longer and make wife orgasm quickly, you should focus on the body. Do not jump on the gas and penetrate. Your wife is not a waiter or an inanimate object that you are always ready to use anytime.
Relax and enjoy
Get rid of all your thoughts and talks about problems at the office, childcare, and even debts as long as you have sex with a wife.
5. After orgasm
Men generally withdraw and want to own after having orgasm. This is normal, but it would be nice if you do not go straight to bed or leave your wife alone. Give him time to stabilize himself, and give him a kiss intimate as a sign of your affection to him.