Buying New or Used Auto Parts

Having a car is a necessity in life and the care of a vehicle is an essential part of ensuring its longevity. While many people use a traditional car repair service and parts for car repairs, there are money saving alternatives.

The greatest savings often comes in buying car parts new or used and having them installed. 

Buying new or used car parts and having them installed instead of letting a repair shop buy them, can save car owners a significant amount of money. When looking for vehicle parts houston tx car owners have several choices for supplies. Many people don’t realize that most auto repair shops charge a markup on auto parts. That means that the cost of buying the part is more expensive getting it from the car repair shop, versus buying it in person from a new or used car parts store directly. 

Understanding New and Used Car Parts 

There are many car parts that are best bought brand new because they require the part to have a level of safety or longevity. Other times, there are car parts that are fine being purchased rebuilt or used. Many rebuilt auto parts are sold at regular auto part stores. Much of it depends on the type of part. 

In general, electrical components for a car should only be bought when they are new or rebuilt. But many other parts can easily be bought that are used because they do not fail easily. When looking at the difference between these types of parts, doing a little research can help. 

Good Used Car Parts 

Car body parts can easily be bought used with little concern of a problem. This can include: doors, bumpers, hoods, rear or front quarter panels and running boards for trucks. Additionally, interior auto parts can also be purchased that are used without concern as well. This would include: seats, mirrors and dashboard parts. Tires can be easily purchased used, as well as tire rims and hub caps. 

One of the other exceptions where it is not advisable to buy used auto parts, are ones that are motorized. While some motorized used components may last a long time, others may fail quickly. This can be very frustrating for a car owner. Especially if they have spent money to have a mechanic install something that fails quickly. This can make the labor fees become wasteful and require that the car owner replace the part all over again. 

As a rule, brake parts should never be bought used. The exception to this may be rotors. These can often be bought after they have been milled down at a used parts store. However, there are occasions when they have not been milled down properly and they end up needing to be replaced. For the price difference it may be wise to buy them new. With all other brake parts, they should be purchased new. Because brakes are a safety measure, used brake parts are not recommended. Most often brake parts are inexpensive enough to buy them new. The expense is usually the labor and installation which can be cheaper if the parts are bought independently such as brake pads and rotors.